Are pickles good for nausea & hangover? (& a pickle ginger recipe to fight Morning sickness)

You’ve heard the advice a million times from your Gramma- “Take Pickles for in reducing nausea and vomiting”

Sour, Tangy, Tart- We just love pickles. 

But Are pickles good for nausea? Can pickles stop nausea?

Pickles have a probiotic called lactobacillus acidophilus that helps reduce nausea and vomiting by competing with E.Coli for attachment sites on the inner wall of your intestines. So, next time you are feeling sick or muggy, enjoy some of these high-quality pickles to combat the morning sickness! This sour fruit is rich in cucumbers, which can help ease your stomach.

Pickle juice for nausea & Hangover

Does drinking pickle juice help with nausea? Why do pickles relieve nausea?

The thing is…….

The pickles work by altering the pH levels of the stomach, which can help to reduce stomach acid. As a result, it relieves nausea and vomiting.

The acidity of pickles can help stimulate the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid, thus stimulating digestion and reducing nausea. 

That’s not all…….

The acids in pickles can help reduce cramps and gas, while the cucumbers themselves may be a good source of vitamins A and C. In addition, pickles may also contain anti-nausea compounds, such as ginger or turmeric. Finally, some people find that pickle juice helps relieve symptoms of nausea.

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Do pickles help with headaches & hangover?

Yes, it does.

There is no scientific evidence But the consumption of pickles may help to break down alcohol in the body faster, thus helping with headaches. On the other hand, when you take the juice of pickles, it speeds up the metabolism process, providing relief from both headaches and hangovers.

Do pickles help an upset stomach?

When ingested with water, the sodium may also help with hydration which can reduce nausea. In addition, studies have shown that some people who experience motion sickness show an improved tolerance when pickles are eaten prior to exposure.

What about pregnancy? Are pickles good for nausea during pregnancy?

Did you notice- Pregnant women love pickles like crazy?

It’s one of the top cravings during pregnancy.

But that is not just for taste buds, there is a reason behind it.

Pregnancy nausea is a common side effect that usually occurs during the first three months of pregnancy and can linger for months.

Pickles are good for nausea during pregnancy because the acid from the pickles helps to decrease nausea. Pickles have been traditionally thought to have a soothing effect on pregnant mothers experiencing morning sickness. That’s why pickles are considered one of the great foods that fight nausea during pregnancy.

Are pickles good for you when sick? Who can’t take pickles?

Pickles contain large amounts of sodium, which can be a concern to those with high blood pressure or kidney disease.

Pickles also contain a lot of vinegar, which can irritate stomach ulcers and cause acid reflux. The salt content could lead to dehydration as well as other issues that may arise from consuming too much sodium.

How does drinking pickle juice help nausea?

A study done by the Indiana University School of Medicine found that dill pickles juice could help with nausea. Some physicians believe that because dill pickles are sour, they might stimulate the stomach’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid, which aids in digestion.

Wondering which pickle? Do dill pickles help with nausea?

The miracle fruit, so to speak, is the dill!

These veggies are rich in Vitamin C and help you break down your food for better digestion. The salt keeps these benefits intact by preserving it during boiling which also eliminates bacteria found within the pickle.

Dill pickles can be helpful for people who experience morning sickness. Dill pickles contain a chemical called thiosulfate which prevents stomach ulcers from developing and stimulates the appetite.

It’s time to make the appetizing pickled ginger 

Yes, this is the side dish you got when you go to a Japanese restaurant and order Sushi. It’s not just tangy and flavorful, the process of making this pickle is actually quite simple.

How is Japanese pickled ginger made? Let’s have a look……


-1/2 cup white vinegar or Rice vinegar

-1/2 cup water

-1/4 teaspoon sugar

-1/4 teaspoon salt

-1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger root, peeled and thinly sliced


  1. First, coat the ginger slices with the salt and transfer them into a glass jar. Keep it aside for half an hour for coating.  
  2. In the meantime, put the vinegar in a sauce pan with the sugar and stir until it’s fully dissolved.
  3. Pour the mixture into the jar.
  4. Leave it in the refrigerator for at least 7-10 days. And you are done! Enjoy the Pinkish sushi pickle.
  5. How long does homemade pickled ginger last? You can keep it fresh for six months easily.

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